EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique

     A Powerful tool that helps to clear emotional patterns and wounds of the past and to invite healing and well being into our life now in the present! This Technique is known to help with PTSD, Anxiety, addictions, depression and to calm the stress responses in the body. EFT can help us learn to be present with our feelings in a way where we feel safe to feel them and at the same time know we have what it takes to free them! Unprocessed emotions store in the body, so many find great healing physically through “Tapping”. When we release our resistance to uncomfortable feelings and welcome new positive beliefs & possibilities, we invite a shift to occur in our brain and in our life. This will often open up the space in our lives to allow in that which we deeply desire and seek.

    We are inherently abundant, healthy & vital, and in harmony with life itself. When we can tap into this Vital energy of who we are, we can begin to experience that what was once a problem has now transformed into something beautiful! We can have that which our soul yearns for, but it often means we must take that step out of our mind and into our heart. Belief is important and when we change the belief through this practice from, “I can't” or “Life is just this way” towards “I can, I will!” and “I am”, Then you will begin to watch your life transform before your eyes! Join this practice with Mariah, an Advanced EFT practitioner, and Open to the healing power within yourself.

Reiki and Sound Healing

    Reiki is an energy healing practice that welcomes universal life force energy to bring healing to the client. Reiki uses symbols and is a technique where healing energy is channeled to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and to help restore your physical and emotional, spiritual well-being. Mariah will take you on a journey with Reiki and Sound practices to help balance your chakras and clear blocked or stagnant energy to support your healing journey. 

Cranial Sacral

    Cranial Sacral (Craniosacral) therapy is a gentle noninvasive form of bodywork that addresses the head, spinal column and sacrum. It can help to Release stress in those areas and help to alleviate stress and pain. It is known to be helpful for TMJ, headaches, anxiety and whip lash injuries. It may be helpful in alleviating pain elsewhere in the body as well, like neck and back pain. This technique works to calm the nervous system, the “fight or flight” response to activate our body's own natural healing powers. Let us Calm the mind and Open the heart to healing!

About Mariah

    Mariah has immersed herself in the Healing arts for many years. It began with her own desire to heal herself. She has watched as these techniques have transformed her own life as well as created positive change in many others. She has traveled to various parts of the world to study different healing modalities. She utilizes these techniques to provide a comprehensive healing system to help the client with whatever he or she may be going through. Sometimes, they are all utilized in a session or a few of them, based on the specific needs' of each individual.


     Book a session with Mariah and allow her the opportunity to help you tap into your own inherent healing powers within. She is hear to help you! Blessings and Namaste. 


If you have any questions or would like to book a private session with Mariah, please email her directly at or check out her website for more information.

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